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Episode #67

March 20, 2023

Big Tech Ethics: This episode features Jack, Jimmy, and Ryan’s interview with Catholic entrepreneurs Kailash Duraiswami and Michael DiStefano, founders of The group discusses the function of—likened to a Google Apps workspace—which is built for parish and diocesan communities; designed by Catholics, for Catholics. Kailash and Michael reflect on their early entrepreneurial ventures in Silicon Valley, the ethics (or lack thereof) of Big Tech companies, and their remarkable conversion stories.

About Kailash and Michael

Kailash is a technology entrepreneur most recently in the Artificial Intelligence space as the founder of Pantenix. Pantenix is an artificial intelligence platform that automates manual data entry for financial services companies through computer vision. Pantenix was acquired by financial services software provider Orion Advisor Solution in Spring 2021. He is an adult convert to the Catholic Church and is most interested in the connection between Catholic principles and entrepreneurship in the world of software startups. His new startup Fidei is taking on Big Tech by offering Catholic alternatives in the consumer technology space.

Michael is an experienced software engineer, having spent years in Silicon Valley and major technology companies, like Uber and Medium. He has founded various technology companies, including his latest,, which gives Catholics the ability to communicate safely online through email. After a major conversion to Catholicism, Michael became passionate about the intersection of the faith and the technology we use today. He’s a firm believer that Catholics must become a part of the creation of technology and innovation, so as to drive a more faith-filled culture.


Technology is a useful tool but too often means doing business with companies that are actively hostile towards our faith. Fidei provides familiar tools like email, calendars, file sharing, and real-time collaborative documents, all run by those who share your faith.

Visit if you are interested in investing in a non-compromising technology space for your community, parish, or diocese.

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