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Jesus is the Only Savior and Lord

Jesus is the Only Savior and Lord! | The Creed (Pt. 5) | DM

In this episode, David and Mario discuss how much is jam-packed into this one short phrase and review the rich meanings of the the name “Jesus,” the title “Christ,” and the designation “Lord” in Biblical times. They touch upon Jesus as “the only Son” of the Father, but that topic will be treated in more detail in the next episode!

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How To Pray

How to Pray | CANDID

Alanis, Jack, and Jimmy discuss a number of different Catholic prayer practices: the five official types of prayer, personal and group horariums (i.e. daily prayer schedules), contemplation through spiritual reading, a useful online Bible translation, and more!

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Monsignor Stephen Rossetti

How to Devil-Proof Your Life | Monsignor Stephen Rossetti | R4H

In this episode, we welcome American exorcist Monsignor Stephen Rossetti. He is a successful author, professor of psychology and spirituality at the Catholic University of America, and director of the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal in Washington, DC. Msgr. Rossetti’s incredibly popular TikTok channel shares stories of his experiences as an exorcist. In this interview, we discuss how he came to be an exorcist, the important insights he has gleaned from this ministry, and how to resist the devil’s temptations and the influence of demons in your life.

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God the Creator

God the Creator | The Creed (Pt. 3) | DM

In this third episode in our series on The Creed, Mario and Dave discuss why the question about what God is (an inquiry into God’s nature) is more basic than the question about who God is. They offer insights as to what we mean by the word “God” and what it says about us as creatures, as well as unpack the phrase “Creator of heaven and earth.”

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Archbishop Cordileone

Proclaiming the Faith in Challenging Times | Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone | R4H

In this episode, we welcome Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, the Archbishop of San Francisco since 2012 and the Metropolitan Archbishop of the San Francisco province. A member of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth and Committee for Canonical Affairs and Church Governance, Archbishop Cordileone is well aware of the various challenges facing the Church today. Known as a stalwart defender of Catholic teaching and promoter of Eucharistic piety in an age of cultural and ecclesial crises, he shares with us how we too can proclaim the Faith is these challenging times.

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What is Faith? with Dr. David Hadjuk

What is Faith? with Dr. David Hadjuk

In this second episode in our series on The Creed, What is Faith?, Mario and Dave discuss what Faith is, common misunderstandings about Faith, and the difference between natural theology and dogmatic theology.

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Dr. Carrie Gress

How Feminism Has Destroyed Women with Dr. Carrie Gress

In this episode, we welcome back Dr. Carrie Gress. We discuss the philosophical roots of the feminist movement, the three pillars of feminism, and how to heal women and our world from the wounds inflicted by the feminist movement. We also consider if being a Catholic and a “feminist” is a contradiction in terms.

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The Burial Cloth of Jesus? with Myra Adams

In this episode, we hear from Myra Adams, the Executive Director of, who discusses her work educating people about the Shroud of Turin and leading an international team of experts in the creation of a permanent national Shroud of Turin exhibit in Washington, D.C.

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Culture in Crisis with Dr. Ralph Martin

The CANDID crew sits down for a discussion with the renowned Dr. Ralph Martin, author of The Fulfillment of All Desire and founder of Renewal Ministries. The group talks about Scripture, humanity’s need for salvation, the modern interplay between the Church and the world, a smaller Church of the future, and where Christian hope can always be found.

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The Mission of a Catholic School with Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR

n this episode, we welcome Fr. Dave Pivonka, T.O.R., the President of the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. We discuss Fr. Dave’s journey of faith, how the fire of the Holy Spirit touched his life early on, how he discerned a call to the Franciscans with the Third Order Regulars, and his role as the President of what many consider one of the most dynamically and unapologetically Catholic colleges in the world. We also dig deep into what it means to be an authentically Catholic school and the importance of a Catholic education.

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Shields for Spiritual Warfare with Steve Kerekes

Steve Kerekes of joins the CANDID team for a discussion about the brown scapular, a gift from the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Carmelite order. Steve talks about the history and of the scapular, why and how any lay person can be “vested” with a scapular, and his business producing “the most durable and comfortable scapular in the world!”

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“Reason for Hope” is an insightful podcast that takes a look into Array of Hope’s purpose and creates a space for open conversation about the beliefs of the Catholic faith.