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Gary Zimak

Give up worrying | Gary Zimak | R4H

In this episode, we welcome Catholic speaker, radio host, and best selling author, Gary Zimak. We discuss the growing issue of anxiety in our culture, the difference between ordered and disordered fear, how being rooted in the Holy Spirit casts out worry, and how prayer and the Sacraments offer us relief and the reassurance that God cares for us and protects us.

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Jesus is the Only Savior and Lord

Jesus is the Only Savior and Lord! | The Creed (Pt. 5) | DM

In this episode, David and Mario discuss how much is jam-packed into this one short phrase and review the rich meanings of the the name “Jesus,” the title “Christ,” and the designation “Lord” in Biblical times. They touch upon Jesus as “the only Son” of the Father, but that topic will be treated in more detail in the next episode!

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