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Episode #101

March 18, 2024

Discernment of Spirits | Dan burke | candid

Join us in this captivating CANDID episode as we sit down with Dan Burke, the president of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, to delve into the profound realms of prayer and the interplay between angels and demons in our spiritual lives. In this enlightening conversation, Dan Burke shares invaluable insights into discernment of spirits, offering practical wisdom on how to navigate the subtle movements of the supernatural amidst the noise of the world. But what about prayer? Is there a “best prayer” that leads us closer to God? Dan Burke unravels this question, shedding light on the essence of prayer and its transformative power in our lives. Moreover, Dan Burke addresses the prevalence of religious gimmicks in today’s spiritual landscape, urging listeners to discern wisely and seek authentic encounters with the divine amidst the noise of superficial practices. Finally, we delve into the mysterious reality of angelic and demonic influences on our minds and prayers.

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