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Powerful encounters with the youth 


At Array of Hope, the heart of our mission is to initiate powerful encounters among the youth so that they may realize that there is more to the Catholic faith than what meets the eye. The Array of Hope presenters and musicians gain the trust of the youth through their witness and humor. They nurture the younger crowd’s curiosity and desire to know the truth through their witness while challenging them to deepen their Catholic faith.

We believe that modern media is the best way to catch their attention, so our unique events include live music, speakers, and short films. Through our positive and interactive presentations, the youth begin to experience the Catholic faith in a new way. As they experience the beauty and richness of our Catholic faith, they are inspired to share Christ’s living Gospel with their families, friends, and communities.


We offer various packages including youth events, Confirmation retreats, and school assemblies that are geared towards the Catholic youth from grades 7-12.

The Array of Hope production is completely self-contained, and our packages include a complete sound system and visual equipment (including projectors and screens) to accommodate any sized room.

The Model

The Array of Hope team coordinates interactive games, engaging talks, small group discussions, powerful music, and uplifting prayer to bring youth into a relationship with Christ. Retreats can include a lunch break, reconciliation, adoration, and Mass.

A Family Series event centered on Confirmation can be added in order to engage the Confirmation sponsors and parents in the Catholic faith. We bring in various speakers from around the country to touch the lives of all generations.

With groups larger than 100, the Array of Hope team provides presentations at various “stations.”

Pricing is determined by length of time: 1-2 hours, 2-3 hours, 4+ hours.


About the Event

Array of Hope conveys the Word of God in a relatable way with a blend of live musical performances, interactive multimedia, powerful witness, and talks presented by young Catholics that are on fire for their faith.  

The footprint of our presentations require a good amount of space and ample electricity. Through experience, the best places suited for our presentations are: 

  • School Auditoriums
  • Gymnasiums
  • Parish Centers

We bring our own sound system, screens, and media equipment. The only things that we need are seats, tables, and electricity.

Yes! Array of Hope is completely in-line with the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

Many things distinctive to the Catholic Church are revealed throughout the event, such as the Sacraments, The Saints, the Mass, and Mary, the Mother of God.

We recommend contacting Array of Hope to make arrangements to book your event as soon as you have a date in mind. 

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