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Array of Hope announces the launch of its new channel and app for Roku, Apple TV, tablets, and all smartphones.

This new channel and app are a home for faith-filled content for the whole family now made available on popular mainstream viewing platforms. In addition to an all-new original weekly variety show called Rise Up–Live! for audiences of all ages, viewers have access to hundreds of offerings including concerts, short films, original programs and series, interviews with religious, a faith-formation series, music videos, virtual retreats, and more. Distinguishing itself from other Catholic streaming services, Array of Hope also offers live and fully interactive shows, educational content with fully downloadable resources as well as live partnered events that allow third-party organizations to stream their conferences and special events exclusively through the Array of Hope channel. 

General audiences are invited to attend the full premiere of Rise Up-Live! on Februrary 8 at 8:30pm EST by downloading the Array of Hope channel and app on their preferred streaming platform. The app is currently available and can be downloaded in advance of the event. The website address is

Mario Costabile

Producer and Executive Director

Mario Costabile is a founding member and the executive director of Array of Hope. 

He has been a successful music and film producer for over 40 years.  He has produced content for film, television, and the recording business. Among the notable organizations he has done work for are MTV, VH1, FuseH, Discovery Channel, the SYFY Channel, Off-Broadway productions, Yamaha Music, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, and Universal Music. Mario has also created and produced many programs that regularly air on Catholic radio and television networks such as EWTN, The Catholic Television Network, The Catholic Faith Network, Salt and Light Media, Shalom World TV, and the NET.  In the past few years, Mario produced a television series called “Fatima Gems” which is part of the online streaming service FORMED.

In 2009 Mario musically produced two hit singles on Christian Radio, “I Need An Angel” and “Alone Time” for the band Sacred Road. Currently, Mario is working on new music in 2021 to be released through Array Of Hope.

Mario has received many Film awards for his productions. One such award received is a Telly Award for the documentary he produced on the making of the motion picture film by Roadside Attractions called “Gimme Shelter” which starred James Earl Jones, Vanesa Hudgens and Brendan Frazer. His most recent award is a film specifically addressing the pandemic called “A Message of Hope.”

In 2020, Mario was awarded the Legatus “Bowie Kuhn Special Award” for evangelization, an award which recognizes an individual who has exhibited significant efforts to spread the good news of Jesus Christ among his peers. 

Mario is committed to utilizing his talents to do God’s will in the development of Array of Hope and its vision to unite families and help them grow closer to God.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • You have many years of experience in the entertainment industry. Can you offer a brief summary on the genesis of Array of Hope?
  • How has your ministry changed as a result of the pandemic?
  • You’ve launched an all-new app and channel for families to stream your diverse content library. What distinguishes the Array of Hope channel from other Catholic evangelization platforms?
  • How can apostolates and archdioceses partner with Array of Hope for their next major event?
  • Can you talk about some of your favorite offerings and capabilities of the channel?
  • How can our audience access the channel and get started?

Array of Hope offerings include:

Partnered LIVE EVENTS: Array of Hope has partnered with many apostolates, archdioceses, and organizations streaming live events through the Array of Hope Channel. This enables these organizations to feature high quality events produced by Array of Hope and made available exclusively on the Array of Hope Channel. These events range from fundraisers, prayer events, conferences, and introduction of programs and products. They can be public, private, free, or paid.
Bits of Hope – Short segments explore key facets of the Catholic Faith and are geared specifically to young adults, with downloadable resources to delve more deeply into themes.

– This series of short stories depicts the lives of Catholic Saints in a fun, uplifting tone, with downloadable resources. 

Faith in Focus 
– A faith formation series, suitable for both youth and adults, Faith in Focus guides viewers through the story of Salvation, elucidating key teachings of the Catholic Faith along the way. Steeped in the “sources” (Scripture, the Catechism, and the Magisterium), particular attention is given to the insights of St. John Paul II, Array of Hope’s patron. With each episode accompanied by a downloadable study guide, this is a great resource for Catholic educators and catechists. 

Deeper Dive 
– Reflections on key aspects of the Catholic Faith from renowned authors, speakers, and teachers for those viewers who want to learn more. 

– Profiles on Catholic personalities whose lives have inspired others and who wish to share their faith journey. 

Music videos 
– A blend of original and published Christian songs by the Array of Hope band with a youthful approach that is both entertaining and enlightening. 

Everyday Heroes 
– Real life stories of inspiring people of service, whose faith has inspired them to live a grace-filled life and in turn have transformed the world around them.
Series – Episodic based stories that share a common theme and narrative, which can be informative, historical, and reflective of the core teachings of the Catholic Church. 

– Scripted and unscripted family films, which reveal the transformative power of God’s love and mercy to heal the human soul. 

Inside Look (AOH) 
– Behind the scenes look at how Array of Hope functions and creates the vast blend of live concerts, in-person and virtual retreats, as well as music videos and educational videos. 

Rise Up – Live! 
– Unique live, virtual program that blends pre-recorded segments with live audience interaction, guest – audience interviews, and downloadable resources to enhance the experience. 

Discover Tradition 
– Videos and interviews that explore the wealth of the Church’s traditional doctrinal teaching, spirituality, and liturgy, guided by the conviction that understanding the history of Catholicism will enrich our faith and deepen our spiritual lives. 

– A series of common Christian prayers to aid the viewer in worship and enter into a deeper relationship with God. 

Weekly Special Programs 
– Programs with leading Catholic personalities that walk the line on Catholic issues and commentary (e.g., Matt Fradd, Brian Holdsworth, etc.) 

Special Event Programs – 
These are programs that Array of Hope partners with other organizations to broadcast live events. 

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