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‘True Values, True Joy’ with Chris Stefanick

True Values, True Joy: In this episode, we hear from the popular and inspiring evangelist Christopher Stefanick, and how a powerful experience of the joy in the Lord led him to dedicate his life to spreading the Gospel and building Christ’s kingdom.

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‘Who Will Be Saved?’ – with Dr. Ralph Martin

In this episode, we hear the story of internationally renowned evangelist, teacher, and author, Dr. Ralph Martin. We discuss the current crisis in the culture and in the Church, and how hope and salvation are found only in Jesus Christ. We also learn about the inspiring work of

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‘Going on Pilgrimage’ with Steve Ray

In this episode, we hear from Steve Ray about two different types of pilgrimages: a pilgrimage of faith to the Catholic Church; and a literal pilgrimage through the Holy Land. Steve and his wife Janet have traveled to the Holy Land over 180 times explorin

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‘Dating Before and After Marriage’ with Lisa Cotter

Our guest, Lisa Cotter, has a ministry where she and her husband help young people to heal from the complicated issues of dating and guide them on developing good habits and a proper understanding on how to have better relationships. In this episode, we a

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‘Everyday Evangelization’ with Curtis Martin

Everyday Evangelization: In this episode, we hear about the faith journey of Curtis Martin, and how God called him to begin the powerhouse evangelization ministry, FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). Curtis tells his personal story, and le

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‘Terror of Demons’ with Fr Donald Calloway

Episode 22 “Terror of Demons” features Fr. Donald Calloway as we discuss St. Joseph’s formidable title and virtue, the importance of his intercession for men and fathers amidst the modern attack on masculinity, and how our own holiness and purity serve th

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About the Podcast

“Reason for Hope” is an insightful podcast that takes a look into Array of Hope’s purpose and creates a space for open conversation about the beliefs of the Catholic faith.