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Episode #109

May 13, 2024

Surgeon, Soldier, and Sister | Sr. Deirdre Byrne | R4H

Surgeon, Soldier, and Sister | Sr. Deirdre Byrne | R4H

In this episode, we welcome Sr Deirdre Byrne (also known as Sr. DeDe), active missionary sister and superior of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We discuss her Catholic upbringing and the important role her parents played in it, as well as her call to the religious life and missionary work (inspired by St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta), which was intertwined with a desire to become a doctor and to serve in the military. We learn how, by God’s grace, Sr. DeDe fulfilled all of these hopes and how they all are a part of her work as a religious sister, and we hear stories of her diverse service. We also discuss the current “battle” for the Church and the Culture we are experiencing in these unprecedented times, and learn what we can do to fight for God, for Truth, and for authentic freedom.

Host: Mario Costabile

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