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Episode #112

June 3, 2024

From Fame to Faith: Joelle Maryn's Conversion Story | R4H

From Fame to Faith: Joelle Maryn’s Conversion Story | R4H

While living the high-life of glamor and fame as a successful actress, owner of a cosmetic company, and model, and succumbing to the array of temptations this brought, God granted Joelle Maryn an amazing gift known as the Illumination of Conscience: she saw her entire life flash before her and was given light to see every act she had ever committed through the eyes of God, including its full effect on others and its offensiveness to Him. In this episode, Joelle shares this terrible yet grace-filled experience and how it moved her to leave her old life and return to God and His Church. She also shares the ways God has given her opportunities to share the truth through the talents she had once abused.

Host: Mario Costabile

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