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Episode #111

May 27, 2024

Body and Soul: The Church and the Holy Spirit | The Creed (Pt. 10) | DM

Body and Soul: The Church and the Holy Spirit | The Creed (Pt. 10) | DM

In this episode continuing our series on the Creed, we discuss the Church as the Body of Christ and the Holy Spirit as the soul of the Church, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, and is the Lord and Giver of both natural life and supernatural life (sanctifying grace). We ask the questions “Who is a member of the Church?” and “What are the marks of the True Church of Jesus Christ?” We discuss the Church’s hierarchical constitution and the nature and limits of authority in her. And we reflect on how, though only Baptism is mentioned in the Creed as the “door to salvation,” faith in all the Sacraments is implied.

Host: Mario Costabile
Cohost: Dr. David Hajduk

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