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Episode #103

April 1, 2024

Producing Cabrini and Other Faith-Driven Films | Leo Severino | R4H

Producing Cabrini and Other Faith-Driven Films | Leo Severino | R4H
In this episode, we welcome Leo Severino – producer of the well-known films Bella and Sound of Freedom – to discuss his new film Cabrini about the life and work of Mother Frances Cabrini: nun, Italian emigrant, and first American saint. We discuss how Leo came to dedicate his professional life to making faith-driven films of high quality as positive alternatives to much of what is comes out of Hollywood. We also delve into his approach to film-making as a way to bring the beauty of the Catholic faith to a universal audience in a way that attracts them.

Cabrini – Film Synopsis

From Alejandro Monteverde, award-winning director of Sound of Freedom, comes the powerful epic of Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant who arrives in New York City in 1889 and is greeted by disease, crime, and impoverished children. Cabrini sets off on a daring mission to convince the hostile mayor to secure housing and healthcare for society’s most vulnerable. With broken English and poor health, Cabrini builds an empire of hope unlike anything the world had ever seen.
Hosted by Mario Costabile | Executive Director of Array of Hope 
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