Episode #69

March 27, 2023

Light of the Saints: Alanis, Jack, Jimmy, and Ryan sit down virtually with Anna Camacho, founder of CORDA Candles. Anna and the CANDID crew discuss Anna’s inspiration for making candles dedicated to the lives of the saints; how a candle can help us pray and learn more about the lives of the saints; and the philosophy behind running a Catholic business for profit. Make sure to head on over to www.cordacandles.com to purchase your very own candles! Some of Anna’s favorites include Battle Cry (St. Michael), Fiat (Our Blessed Mother), and Carpenter Shop (St. Joseph).

About Anna and CORDA Candles

Anna has been handcrafting Catholic candles since 2019, when she started CORDA after St. Joseph gave her the nudge. Inspired by the holy men and women who have gone before us, she loves translating their lives into unique candle scents. Every day she’s grateful to make things with her own hands and to run CORDA alongside her husband, Michael. And if there’s ever a candle inspired by her life, it would smell like a Midwest thunderstorm, books, pizza, and Corgi kisses.



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