Episode #70

April 5, 2023

My Friendship with Mother Teresa with Msgr. Mike Mannion
In this episode, we welcome Msgr. Mike Mannion, a priest of the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey and long time friend of St. (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta. Msgr. Mannion shares powerful stories of his many interactions with Mother Teresa, as well as the most important lessons he learned from her during their friendship of almost three decades. We also discuss how we can understand the “spiritual darkness” that so many great saints, like Mother Teresa, have testified to experiencing as a special sharing in the cross of Jesus.

About Msgr. Mannion

MSGR. MICHAEL T. MANNION, S.T.L., M.A. is the Director of Community Relations for the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey. Ordained to the Priesthood in 1971, Msgr. Mannion is a pioneer in the field of post-abortion healing, having authored some of the first and finest books on the topic, including Abortion and Healing – A Cry to Be Whole (1986). He has conducted training for clergy and lay professionals throughout the world on this topic. His work has helped to develop the Church’s understanding of the wounds abortion brings and of the path to healing. His ministry inspired Dr. Theresa Burke to focus on the topic of healing after abortion and to develop the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat program, now the world’s largest ministry for post abortion healing. Msgr. Mannion is now developing a new line of thought linking the path of healing with the traditional schools of spirituality in the Church. 
Msgr. Mannion has served as a Cable News Network commentator for the funeral of Mother Teresa, with whom he had the privilege of working. His many other media appearances include Meet the Press, the Charlie Rose Show, and MSNBC. He holds advanced degrees in theology, Scripture, and youth ministry. His work also involved ministering to law enforcement personnel and their families, and in that arena has been able to apply his insights into healing the wounds of trauma. 
Msgr. Mannion was the Rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Camden, NJ from 2001 until 2008 and his work has helped many pro-life organizations and dioceses to be more effective in advancing the work of healing and the protection of unborn children. 

Mother Teresa – No Greater Love (Movie)

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