Episode #71

April 10, 2023


Dating Tips with Kiki!: Join the CANDID crew as they sit down and chat with Catholic speaker and coach Kiki Rocha. They examine topics such as dating as a Catholic; red flags; chastity; intentional dating; what real relationships look like; what you should be looking for in a potential partner; and if you should be dating only Catholics!

About Kiki Rocha

Krizia or “Kiki” is Los Angeles born and raised and loves life. Her work includes as missionary at Los Angeles Pregnancy Services, Maggie’s Place, and The Culture Project International. Presently, she’s ventured into working as a Bilingual Catholic Latina Speaker and a Self-Worth and Mindset Coach with The Woman School. If you want to make her smile, bring her a baby and some guacamole.

This podcast is sponsored by Real Estate for Life.

Real Estate for Life is a multinational corporation with 1,400 experienced, faith-based agents world-wide to connect you with a Catholic service provider who shares your values.

Visit their website at www.realestateforlife.org

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