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Episode #63

February 13, 2023

Perfectly Loved: Alanis, Jack, Jimmy, and Ryan sit down with acclaimed singer/songwriter Rachael Lampa and discuss her latest single release, Perfectly Loved. Rachael also shines light on her music industry burnout and comeback, taking time to hear God’s voice, her prison ministry experiences, and how artists and creatives can maximize their potential for work they can be proud of.

About Rachael Lampa

Singer and songwriter, Rachael Lampa, has seen music industry success since her teen years with multiple #1’s, 7 albums, TV appearances, and years of extensive touring with the top Christian and Mainstream artists.  At what seemed like the height of her career, and at the tender age of 20, Rachael walked away from her record deal with both a feeling of burnout and a sense of curiosity after spending most of her teen years on a tour bus.  Over the next few years, the Colorado-native-turned-Nashvillian moved to LA, continued to release music independently, appeared on NBC’s The Sing Off with other Nashville artists, and toured in a more “out of the spotlight” way as a background singer with Jordin Sparks and later with Hozier.

During the pandemic, Rachael started to dream again and in what started as a conversation between a couple of friends at a bible study, new music was born. “I finally feel like I am making music out of a place of freedom, instead of striving. A lot of my identity was wrapped up in achievement and performance when I was younger.  Now I just feel like I get to do it because I enjoy it and I get to make music about things I care about and love.”  Rachael’s new song, Perfectly Loved featuring TobyMac is a song inspired by both her inner-healing journey and  her work with a non-profit that is founded and run by her family, called People Loving Nashville.  This has become a theme for a lot of the songs off of her upcoming album to be released in the Fall of 2022.

In the midst of all of this, ask her what her richest accomplishments are, and you’ll hear a lot more about the relationships that have formed her on the road, the fans that have become dear friends, the beauty that has bridged impossible gaps in service to the marginalized and the miracle of her own growing family and sense of home. Even while her own story continues to unfold, Rachael’s driving passion is to elevate the stories of those around her, using the vehicle of soul-filled music to help her access hearts in a way nothing else could. Her new music is an organic continuation of Rachael’s journey, both musically and lyrically and is bridging the gap between the fans that grew up with her and some new ones too.

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