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Episode #60

January 23, 2023

God Bless This Mess!: In this episode, we hear from Michael and Alicia Hernon, Catholic parents of ten children and founders of the Messy Family Project, an apostolate that seeks to accompany couples to embrace and joyfully live out their vocation to parenthood in the messy realities of life. We discuss Mike and Alicia’s stories and story, how the foundation of a thriving family is putting God and your spouse first, and how God works with and through our “mess” to bring about something beautiful and show forth His glory. 

About Michael and Alicia Hernon

Michael and Alicia Hernon are the founders of The Messy Family Project, a ministry that  empowers moms and dads to embrace their sacred calling at home and gives them the tools to do so.  As parents of 10 children, Mike and Alicia bring inspirational and practical insights into family life to parents all over the world through their podcast, downloadable resources from their website, and online workshops for parents.

As they have sought to serve other families, Mike and Alicia have been also raising their own children in Steubenville OH.  They have 5 children at home, 5 who have successfully “launched”, and grandchildren as well.  Their children have been their greatest joy and challenge in this life, as well as their path to heaven.  Without their children, there would be no podcast, since 10 kids certainly do make for very messy parenting!
Their podcast started as a response to their family members who asked that they share their experiences, not as experts giving clinical advice, but simply as fellow parents. The podcast has now been active for 6 years and has been downloaded over a million times. Their podcasts and resources over various topics such as “7 Ways to Spice up Your Marriage”, “Yelling, the Lazy Approach to Parenting” and “Yes, Your Kids Can be Best Friends”.  For more information you can visit their website at

Host: Mario Costabile
Cohost: Dr. David Hajduk
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