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Episode #97

February 19, 2024

Raymond Arroyo on Pursuing Excellence to Give Glory to God

In this episode, we welcome Raymond Arroyo, author, journalist, and producer. He created and hosts EWTN’s news program The World Over Live and presents the “Seen and Unseen” segment on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle. He is the author of multiple books on the life and work of Mother Angelica, as well as books for children and pre-teens, notably the Will Wilder series. Beginning his career as an actor and musician, we discuss his decision to pursue a career in journalism, and his experiences interviewing some of the most prominent Catholic figures of our times and reporting on history-making news. We also discuss his array of talents, how they are synthesized in the work he does today, and generally how pursuing excellence in our talents gives glory to God, from Whom these talents come.

Host: Mario Costabile

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